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Milwaukee Green Roofs November 17, 2009

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  • The Sierra Club named Milwaukee’s HOPE VI development, Highland Park, as one of the nation’s best new projects.  It features one of the nation’s largest green roofs, and one of the first green roofs to grace a public housing development.  The Housing Authority estimates that the room will lower cooling and heating costs by 10-12%.  The mid-rise building also incorporated recycled materials from the high rise projects it replaced.



Denver’s Regional Affordable Housing Planning

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  • In 2007, DHA signed a contract with Honeywell to implement an energy efficiency program.  This program would decrease utility costs through renewable energy upgrades.  Cost savings amount to $1.8 million dollars, and the program will impact 3,700 public housing units.  Improvements include a geothermal heating and cooling system.  DHA also worked with Xcel Energy to convert light bulb throughout their properties.  Over 100 trees were planted by DHA staff and residents as part of the Mayor’s Million Tree Initiative.  DHA has actively been involved in regional planning efforts to extend public transit and develop Transit Oriented Developments with proximity to existing public housing.



Pittsburgh partners with Honeywell

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  • Pittsburgh worked with Honeywell to initiative an energy conservation program.  It focused on geothermal technology which resulted in $3.2 million in annual utility cost savings.  The savings are guaranteed by Honeywell, and they will be used to pay for the improvements.  Honeywell will also hold energy awareness workshops at the Pittsburgh housing developments for residents.  The installation of a geothermal HVAC system will be the foundation of the improvement initiative.  As such, the upgrades will not affect the Housing Authority’s capital budget.  The work will result in significant carbon emissions reductions of up to 16 million pounds.  The Housing Authority of Pittsburgh serves 20,000 residents.



Philadelphia Green Roofs, HOPE VI

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  • The Pennsylvania Energy Development Authority provided the PHA (Philadelphia Housing Authority) with grant funding to assist with the costs of ensuring that the HOPE VI Ludlow development, which features 160 units, will reach Energy Star standards.  The PHA also worked with a non-profit organization, the Energy Coordinating Agency, to ensure Energy Star certification.  In addition, another development, Nellie Reynolds Gardens, incorporated a 20,000 square foot green roof.  The roof should result in 10-20% savings related to energy costs.  It is designed to ensure minimal maintenance.  The property also had environmentally friendly pains, carpeting, and caulking.  



Nashville Geothermal Energy

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  • As part of the broader Nashville Green initiative, the MDHA announced the incorporation of a new geothermal energy system at the Parkway Terrace Apartment complex.  The Housing Authority estimates that the system will reduce heating costs by 70% and cooling costs by 30%.  In addition, the MDHA has implemented water conservation measures such as new fixtures, faucets and shower heads to reduce consumption up to 50%.  Finally, solar panels are to be installed on two rise structures.



ACTIVE Louisville

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  • A recipient of the EPA’s Energy Star Award for Excellence, the Louisville effort focused on a new HOPE VI mixed-income development called Liberty Green.  The development consists of 689 new homes which all received Energy Star labels.  All units will be 30% more efficient than the building code requirements, and the improvements include higher efficiency heating and cooling systems as well as enhanced ductwork. 
  • In addition, the Louisville Metro Housing Authority received grant funding to support ACTIVE Louisville within the community where Liberty Green was under development.  Projects included an inter-generational fitness program, bicycle recycling and a community clean up.



Ithaca Housing Authority: Partnering with State Agencies November 11, 2009

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  • In 2004, the Ithaca Housing Authority began to plan for an effort to conserve energy by working with the NYSERDA (NY State Energy and Research Development Authority).  They began a twelve year project to convert the heating system.  IHA upgraded boiler systems and furnaces, installed Energy Star appliances, and added a state-of-the-art heat recovery ventilation system.  IHA estimates that it will save $80,000 a year on energy costs.
  • In 2009, the EPA and HUD awarded the Ithaca Housing Authority with the 2009 ENERGY STAR Award for Energy.