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San Francisco pursuing LEED ND November 17, 2009

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Working with Enterprise, San Francisco tapped into local resources to model a revitalization program on the national HOPE VI program.  The locally funded program, HOPE SF, focused on preventing displacement and incorporating green building.  It will be a LEED ND pilot project, and will also apply the Green Communities criteria developed by the national housing syndicator, Enterprise.  The focus will be on energy efficiency, renewable energy and water conservation as well as creating a healthy environment.



Fellwood redevelopment project in Historic Savannah

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  • A fifty million redevelopment project is underway in Savannah, Georgia.  The development, Fellwood, is a major part of the Westside Development and Revitalization plan.  It broke ground in September 2008.  Fellwood is a project which aims to demonstrate that highly efficient and healthy buildings can be built affordably.  The project will include a four acre park and a community garden.  Preserving the local oak tree canopy will be another important step.  The development team is taking steps to reduce stormwater run off and utilize native landscaping.  Energy Star appliances, reflective roofs, and high efficiency windows are all included in the plans.  The project will be registered with the EarthCraft Coastal Communities certification, and it is a pilot LEED – ND neighborhood.  It is developed using the principles of smart growth for walkable and diverse communities.